Economy Week Ahead: The Fed, Inflation, Consumers

It’s a new year! Let’s talk about some big things going on in the economy. This is actually a pretty big week!

There’s are a lot of things going on economically, the least of which are the hearings in the Senate for Jerome Powell and the Undersecretary for the Fed. That’s more political theater, but there are some big things coming out on Wednesday. China and the US will both release inflation-based figures. We’re expecting upwards of 12 increases in producer prices. If that happens, it’ll be the biggest increase since the early 1980’s–1982, I believe. Overall inflation: we’re expecting to come in later this week at about seven for the year, and this impacts everything that you’re doing. It’s impacting every single American, whether it’s the price at the pump or the price of your bread… the price of everything. As you’re investing in real estate, you better take a double look at how your leases are being constructed and what kind of costs you’re experiencing there, so be on the lookout for that. That’s why the market is probably off this week because some of the preliminary numbers aren’t looking so good.

It’s a big week in our economy! We’d love to dialogue with y’all about the Fed, inflation, and how it all impacts consumers, so please reach out to us on social media or directly. Here’s our take, referencing an article from The Wall Street Journal for you to peruse. What are your thoughts?

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