My Dad, My Hero!

Hi, I’m Stewart Heath, CEO of Harvard Grace and today I’d like to discuss my father. My dad was a member of the greatest generation. His name was Fred Harvard Heath, hence where part of the company name came from . I learned so many things from my dad.

Hopefully, you’ve seen some of the photos that we’ve put together about him. As I mentioned, he is a member of the greatest generation. He served as a soldier in World War II. Didn’t see any combat, but he joined up when he was still in high school and was in a bootcamp when the war in Japan ended. He served three years going through the Pacific as a CB. After serving his country, he went on to Auburn university. My Alma mater,  I went there because of him. He was a great husband to my mom and a great dad to my brother, my sister, and I.

I would like to say how much he impacted my life and the lives of other people that I’m sure he never even realized. He taught me a lot about history, life and the importance of life including how to treat other people.

Shout out to my dad and how much I miss him. He passed away 10 years ago, but I miss him every day and wish I could still talk to him. I’ve followed in his footsteps a great deal. 

I would love to hear about y’all’s dad, too!!  Feel free to comment back and let me know about your dad. 

Thank you and until next time!

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