Why Now

Bond yields have been low for some time, forcing income investors to seek alternative investments for their income needs.  HGCC was formed to offer investors predictable recurring income streams with the additional opportunity for capital gains.

2021 presents what may be the biggest opportunity in a generation to acquire quality assets at a discount.  The Pandemic has impacted everyone; however, some businesses have fared better than others.  After nearly a year of COVID-19, some patterns have emerged as to how the “new normal” will take shape.
➢   People are moving back to suburbs.
➢   Suburban office properties are in demand.
➢   Co-working spaces are more popular than ever.
➢   Industrial property demand is soaring due online retail.

The Fed plans to keep interest rates at near zero (hyper link to: https://www.harvardgrace.com/fed-to-keep-rates-near-zero/

Tenants are wanting shorter term lease which will drive rental rate up:

We are joining a trend already in motion:

Now if the time to invest. Now is an opportunity for a generation.