Why Harvard Grace Capital

TEAM: HGCC is board managed by successful entrepreneurs with over 150 years of combined business and commercial real estate experienced. Each has their own business and real estate experiences and successes. Harvard Grace has brought this elite team together for this opportunity in time. The board will bring its collective expertise to HGCCs investment decisions.

TARGET REGION: We know the region we are focused on. We live and work in here.

Harvard Grace’s investment focus is the significant growth that’s occurring between Nashville, Tennessee and Huntsville, Alabama.  What we refer to as the 840/565 Corridor encompasses the region between I-840, south of Nashville, and I-565, which runs through North Alabama and the center of Huntsville.  HGCC has identified multiple opportunities in this area and anticipates more as the region recovers from the pandemic.  

Why have we zeroed in on Huntsville?  Huntsville is already Alabama’s second-largest city and is the state’s fastest-growing as well.  Likewise, the entire northern Alabama region, including Athens and Decatur, are seeing massive investments from industrial interests, creating tens of thousands of jobs.  Recent projections from AL.com estimate Huntsville will be Alabama’s largest city by 2028
Both the public and private sectors fuel Huntsville’s growth.  A long-time Army and NASA research hub, Huntsville is home to relocated personnel from the US Army, FBI, CIA, and the NSA, as well as many private sector firms that do business with these agencies. 
Additionally, the region’s manufacturing sector has experienced significant growth driven by Blue Origin (Jeff Bezos’ rocket engine company), Facebook, Remington, Polaris, a joint venture between Toyota and Mazda, and many more industrial concerns. 

INVESTMENT FOCUS: Harvard Grace Capital Corporation (“HGCC”) will invest in real estate properties and businesses for the purpose of generating recurring cash flow and capital gains.  These investments will take varying forms. Likely, HGCC will provide short-term equity or secured notes with equity attributes.